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over time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishover timeover timeif something happens over time, it happens gradually during a long period The research project will be assessed over time. Students are encouraged to consider the way language changes over time. time
Examples from the Corpus
changes over timeAs well as differing from place to place, what is defined as crime changes over time.Both types of data, however, are problematic in that the whole structure within which careers are established changes over time.There were also important changes over time.This social creation of significant labels can be demonstrated by noting how the salience of labels changes over time.You can use the rating scale to monitor changes over time in your youngster's ability to cope with provocations.This enabled investigation of possible changes over time.Then, studying changes over time, he set out to test the main conclusions derived from cross-sectional studies.This means the network could learn continuously and adapt to changes over time.
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