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overdressedo‧ver‧dressed /ˌəʊvəˈdrest◂ $ ˌoʊvər-/ adjective  DCCdressed in clothes that are too formal for the occasion opp underdressed She felt overdressed in her smart suit.overdress verb [intransitive]
Examples from the Corpus
overdressedNot one of them was not overdressed.She took various forms, but was usually overdressed and over voluble.Juliet wondered if she were overdressed, but the admiring look he gave her dispelled that thought.We were completely overdressed for the party.Nor was she about to lose her jacket to a gaggle of overdressed hooligans.The bridge-playing girls had arrived, a collection of overdressed, overpainted forty-year-olds.It was decorated with an overdressed pale-blue rabbit in non-toxic paint.
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