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overdriveo‧ver‧drive /ˈəʊvədraɪv $ ˈoʊvər-/ noun [uncountable]  1 TTCan additional gear which allows a car to go fast while its engine produces the least power necessary2 go into overdrive/be in overdrive
Examples from the Corpus
overdriveAnd he wondered if he could do the job satisfactorily without being in overdrive all the time.The upside was jobs and an economy in overdrive.It doesn't take some one with a libido stuck in overdrive to imagine the line of raunchy clothes the company might design.A weekly chat with a career coach can put your career plan into overdrive.Saracens turned over possession and the fullback broke from his 22, slipping into overdrive and running 60m before offloading to McRae.Perhaps in people with a genetic predisposition, the trigger sends the immune system into permanent overdrive and disarray.Many Vitesses were fitted with overdrive, which is an excellent addition.
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