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overgrowno‧ver‧grown /ˌəʊvəˈɡrəʊn◂ $ ˌoʊvərˈɡroʊn◂/ adjective  1 HBPDLGcovered with plants that have grown in an uncontrolled wayovergrown with The garden will be overgrown with weeds by the time we get back.2 when grass or plants are overgrown, they have grown in an uncontrolled way a lawn with overgrown grass3 overgrown schoolboy/child
Examples from the Corpus
overgrownHe wasn't a man, only a big, overgrown boy, and he looked quite crazy and terrifying.an overgrown fieldIt backed on to a big grey building like an overgrown garden shed, with no windows.It was utterly quiet, save for vague rustlings in the overgrown grasses.An overgrown hedge divided the two properties.He threw everything out, clothes, shoes, old wellingtons, burrowing underneath all the mess like an overgrown mole.Inside the grounds the path continued, curving up between the overgrown rhododendrons in the direction of the house.But if she had to liken him to anything it would be an overgrown teddy bear in determined pursuit of his honey.The stone walls, what remained of them, were weather-beaten but untouched by overgrown weeds.overgrown withBoth sides of the road were overgrown with weeds.
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