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overgrowtho‧ver‧growth /ˈəʊvəɡrəʊθ $ ˈoʊvərɡroʊθ/ noun [uncountable]  HBPTAFplants and branches of trees growing above your head, usually in a forest
Examples from the Corpus
overgrowthThis will reveal any overgrowth of the claws, which will have to be trimmed back.Importantly, prophylaxis against stress ulcers with H 2 antagonists and antacids has been implicated in abnormal bacterial overgrowth in the stomach.Faecal bile acid loss in cystic fibrosis is unrelated to the presence of intraluminal fat or intestinal bacterial overgrowth.Erythromycin prevents bacterial overgrowth in the gut etc. during transport.Bacterial overgrowth rats were prepared in the same way as described previously.Underwater wrecks are strewn along the coast and downed planes and tanks emerge from the jungle overgrowth.The drift had become a tunnel of overgrowth that dripped water on to the roof of the van.The timing of the development of quartz overgrowth cements is more variable.
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