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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverlyo‧ver‧ly /ˈəʊvəli $ ˈoʊvər-/ ●○○ adverb  VERYTOO/TOO MUCHtoo or very Your views on economics are overly simplistic. I’m not overly fond of cats.
Examples from the Corpus
overlyOur two trucks, looking overly complex and vulnerable compared to our Neolithic surroundings, wait alongside the dusty track.Care should be taken not to accept an overly conservative brief merely to pamper a difficult client.I think you're being overly critical.It may be overly cynical to suggest two things.As a structural engineer, he draws conclusions about overly high chimneys, mortar quality, and roofing tiles.We weren't overly impressed with the movie.It was the overly loquacious Lord Macaulay who called him the Smith of Smiths.Parents repeatedly describe their work-inhibited children as overly sensitive and threatened by disapproval.Officials at the Big Four are not overly worried.
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