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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverpasso‧ver‧pass /ˈəʊvəpɑːs $ ˈoʊvərpæs/ noun [countable] American English  a structure like a bridge that allows one road to go over another road
Examples from the Corpus
overpassAbout 70 people were injured in Seattle, including two men critically injured from an assault and a fall from an overpass.The tide of red taillights ahead of them ran under an overpass and turned up an incline.Motorists peek as they zoom across it on bridges or freeway overpasses.Pauline lives in a warehouse at the far end of a San Francisco street that dead-ends under a highway overpass.The night Karen was raped, the body of a 13-year-old girl was found under a Houston overpass.He loses the Greyhound in a maze of overpasses and freeway exits.I crossed a railroad overpass and reached a bunch of shacks where two highways forked off, both for Denver.A train was going by on the overpass.
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