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overreach yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverreach yourselfoverreach yourselfTRY TO DO OR GET somethingto try to do more than you have the power, ability, or money to do syn overstretch The company overreached itself financially. overreach
Examples from the Corpus
overreach yourselfA new generation of bankers who were not around last time will be encouraging them to overreach themselves.A truly tragic figure, Johnson had overreached himself.Did we overreach ourselves trying to build them?Then her eating of the red apple was premature; she had overreached herself.Unlike Sting, Dylan and Bowie, Waits has never looked like a rock star overreaching himself.He left, and waited for his opponents to overreach themselves, which they proceeded to do.One lesson Athens had learnt, not to overreach herself with warfare in two theatres.
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