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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverto‧vert /ˈəʊvɜːt, əʊˈvɜːt $ ˈoʊvɜːrt, oʊˈvɜːrt/ ●○○ adjective  PUBLIC/NOT PRIVATEovert actions are done publicly, without trying to hide anything opp covert an overt attempt to silence their political opponents Overt race discrimination is illegal.overtly adverb an overtly political message
Examples from the Corpus
overtThat is, a global preference for boy babies became overt and unapologetic.an overt attempt to force landowners to sellBut what of the impact of overt bigotry and intergroup conflict on individual students?Ellis, according to his successor Beto, had two overriding overt concerns.Humans are inside the test tube to prevent the experiment from crashing, to divert the trials from overt crisis.At times they have become an overt issue in industrial disputes.The Lima standoff seems to signal a return to overt political action by Tupac Amaru.overt racismSir Nicolas Browne-Wilkinson V-C granted an order limited to overt use of the information.
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