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owing to

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishowing toˈow‧ing to ●○○ preposition  formalBECAUSE because of something Owing to a lack of funds, the project will not continue next year. Flight BA213 has been delayed owing to fog.
Examples from the Corpus
owing toThe new resource represented welcome revenue for a local government feeling a financial pinch owing to a temporary local economic downturn.The Springboks had to make a major alteration at half-time owing to an injury to Van Straaten.Wild fluctuations in brain activity owing to changing environmental conditions would thus put the rest of the body at severe risk.The stellar sphere, owing to its vast distance from earth, needed no epicycles because its movement appeared regular and unchanging.The elements may also be transformed from one into another, owing to the fundamental qualities inherent in each.Cyanosis and flushing occur during the tonic phase, owing to the sustained contraction of respiratory muscles and cessation of breathing.
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