1 adjective, pronoun
own1 S1 W1 [always after a possessive]
1 used to emphasize that something belongs to or is connected with a particular person or thing and not any other:
Bring your own equipment.
Every dance has its own rhythm.
The yacht was intended for the king's own personal use.
His face was only a few inches from her own.
of your own
We have problems of our own.
I'd like to have a place of my own (=my own home).
your very own (=used to add more emphasis)
One day I want to have a horse of my very own.
something to call your own/which you can call your own (=something that belongs to you)
She just wanted a place to call her own.
2 used to emphasize that someone did or made something without the help or involvement of anyone else:
She makes a lot of her own clothes.
We encourage students to develop their own ideas.
It's your own fault for leaving the window open.

(all) on your own

a) alone:
I've been living on my own for four years now.
He didn't want to be left on his own.
b) without anyone's help:
You can't expect him to do it all on his own.
I can manage on my own, thanks.

for your own good/safety/benefit etc

if you do something for someone's own good etc, you do it to help them even though they might not like it or want it:
I'm only telling you this for your own good.
He was kept away from the other prisoners for his own safety.

too nice/clever etc for your own good

used to say that someone has too much of a good quality so that it may be a disadvantage:
Stephen can be too generous for his own good.

get your own back (on somebody)

informal to do something bad to someone who has harmed you, as a way of punishing them [↪ revenge]:
She wanted to get her own back on Liz for ruining her party.

be your own man/woman

to have strong opinions and intentions that are not influenced by other people:
Hilary's very much her own woman.

make something your own

to change or deal with something in a way that makes it seem to belong to you:
Great singers can take an old song and make it their own.
! Use own only after possessive words like my, John's, the company's etc

➔ come into your own

at come1 (6)

; ➔ hold your own

at hold1 (24)

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