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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishP45P45 /ˌpiː fɔːti ˈfaɪv $ -fɔːrti-/ noun  in the UK, an official document that is given to you by your employer when you leave a job. It gives details of the money you have earned and the taxes you have paid during this period of employment, and if you start a new job you have to give it to your new employer. People sometimes use the expression ‘get your P45’ when they meanlose your job’.From Longman Business DictionaryP45P45 /ˌpi fɔːtiˈfaɪv-fɔːrti-/ noun [countable usually singular]TAX in Britain, an official document given to a person when they leave their job, showing how much money they have earned, and how much tax and NATIONAL INSURANCE they have paid during the period of time when they were employed
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