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pace yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpace yourselfpace yourselfa) DSOto control the speed that you move at in a race, so that you still have energy left near the end Nicky paced herself and came through the ranks to win. b) SPEEDto organize your life and activities so that you do not have too much to do You need to pace yourself and decide which tasks are the most important. pace
Examples from the Corpus
pace yourselfIt's a long climb, so you have to pace yourself.And scheduling meetings in ways that can help them pace themselves.Next he enlisted the help of his wife and two friends to remind him to say no more often and pace himself.Service was slow so we waited almost 30 minutes for our entrees-though we paced ourselves slowly through the appetizer.The result is that post-job work-ers are going to have to learn to pace themselves.Now he paced himself and took matters more steadily.To pace yourself, doing enough to pay for a comfortable life and little enough to stay invisible.Pause and pace yourself Most of us leave no time in our day for ourselves.The lord has to learn how best to pace himself spiritually to allow this desire to integrate all his potential.
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