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packagerpack‧ag‧er /ˈpækɪdʒə-ər/ noun [countable]1TRANSPORTa company that prepares goods to be sent somewhere by wrapping or packing themIn November, the company acquired Jimbo’s Jumbos Inc., a processor and packager of peanuts.Manufacturers and packagers have arranged to pick up transport wrappings from retailers for recycling.2COMMERCE a company that puts together products, information, or other services and prepares them so they can be sold togetherCredit-card issuers are major packagers of financial information, often telling merchants how much customers spend in their stores, and how often they shop there.a television sports packager3FINANCE a financial institution that puts together and sells investments offered by other companies and financial institutionsJohn Nuveen & Co. is one of the largest packagers of tax-exempt unit investment trusts.4FINANCE a financial institution that packages loans it has bought from lenders and sells them as bonds see package2
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