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paid-up member

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaid-up memberpaid-up member informal paid-up
Examples from the Corpus
paid-up memberHe comes over as what he might well be - a paid-up member, if not a capo, in the Mafia.When I read of his death in 1986 he was still a paid-up member of ours.Thus, Milwaukee-based guitarist Daryl Stuermer became a fully paid-up member of the Genesis live auxiliaries.Are you now a fully paid-up member of the new economy?At the moment I would describe him as a fully paid-up member of the politically embarrassed tendency.Listen to that big-mouthed gilgul, acting like she's a fully paid-up member of the team.The Campaign now has more paid-up members than it did at the height of the 1970s real ale revival.
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