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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpainedpained /peɪnd/ adjective   pained expression/look/voice etc
Examples from the Corpus
painedEveryone else sounded pained and crazy enough.Another figure may be responsible for drawing us out, eliciting all kinds of pained and disagreeable reactions.You noticed a vaguely pained expression enter Jackson's eyes, as if he was wondering why nothing ever proved simple.Rex made with the crossed eyes and suitably pained expression.The woman's face was drawn into pained mask.Newman's pained performance is a slightly heavy-handed but compelling version of the Marlon method.He could see Steen's face in its pained repose, and felt certain that he was up against a case of murder.Duroc looked up at Rafferty, and the priest turned his head, meeting his gaze with pained, still-clear eyes.
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