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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpainterpaint‧er /ˈpeɪntə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 canvas.jpg AVPBOsomeone who paints pictures syn artist Gerry’s ambition was to become a portrait painter.2 BOTBsomeone whose job is painting houses or other buildingspainter and decorator British English
Examples from the Corpus
painterHe was the chief architect in charge of the then-burgeoning rapid transit system - and it turns out he was also a painter.Adolf Hitler worked as a house painter in Austria before becoming involved in politics.a house paintera landscape painterTurner was probably the greatest landscape painter that England has ever produced.How dare, Lamb demanded, these mere painters inflict their visions of Juliet and Rosalind upon the public?The great nature painter John James Audubon agreed.One painter says to use latex finish paint.Vincent would soon see the struggle to turn himself into what he called a Peasant painter as his prime aim.Sir Henry Raeburn, the famous Scots portrait painterMichelangelo, sculptor, painter, architect, and poet, died in 1564.This is by the great Spanish painter, Goya.The painters are upstairs painting the offices at the moment.Modigliani arrived quite sober for the occasion but when the two painters came to discuss their work the conversation became dangerously frigid.painter and decoratorShe became a painter and decorator on a government scheme for a year.Robert, a painter and decorator, married Sandra at Christmas after their partners died of cancer, it was revealed.Jill Duffy, an ex-shop assistant married to a painter and decorator, is one of these women.A single man, he was born in Paisley and was a painter and decorator.Paul Richardson had assured Stephen that Percy Gittings was the best painter and decorator the island had to offer.Painter cleared of bar assault charge A SELF-employed painter and decorator was yesterday cleared of assaulting the manager of a Harrogate bar.
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