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palacepal‧ace /ˈpælɪs/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  1 PGOthe official home of a person of very high rank, especially a king or queen – often used in names Buckingham Palace2 the Palace3 DHHBEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKINGa large beautifully decorated house the splendid palaces of Florence
Examples from the Corpus
palaceBegun 1,200 years ago, the capital grew over the centuries to many hundreds of temples and palaces.If you visit England, you can go see Buckingham Palace.After an hour-long meeting in the presidential palace, a hangdog Mr Cossiga announced that he and Mr Andreotti were in full agreement.As paymaster he was responsible for the organization of the finance required in the restoration of the neglected royal palaces.The nobles of Florence built splendid palaces.The rugged peaks dominate as you enter the palace, only to give way visually to their more accessible counterparts.The two cars swing out of the palace gates, and disappear down the avenue.Orestes and Pylades were to go to the palace claiming to he the bearers of a message that Orestes had died.The Stroganov, like the other two palaces, needs a great deal of money for restoration and maintenance.
PalacePalace British English  1 the Palace2 an informal name for Crystal Palace, a London football team After last night’s defeat, Palace look likely to take bottom place in the league.
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