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pale in/by comparison

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpale in/by comparisonpale in/by comparisonSMALLto seem small or unimportant compared to something elsepale in/by comparison to/with Today’s economic problems pale in comparison with those of the 1930s. pale
Examples from the Corpus
pale to/withEverything pales in comparison to a creation of this awesome magnitude.The two disputes he mentioned pale in comparison with others looming on the horizon.But the nine goals paled in comparison to the 16-plus average the stars have produced over the past seven games.But even these concerns pale by comparison with the fears that people have about traffic safety.The number fired and to be fired at Burlington Northern pales in comparison with the number to be let go at AT.They also prevail in an era where travel abuses pale in comparison to those of earlier years.But that pales in comparison to what he brings to this city.
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