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palette knife

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpalette knifeˈpalette knife noun [countable]  DFUAVPa knife that bends easily and is not sharp, used for spreading a substance, for example in cooking or painting
Examples from the Corpus
palette knifeIn one scene Dustin had to tear into one of his canvases with a palette knife.Leave to dry overnight before gently bending back the waxed paper and lifting off the piped outlines with a palette knife.Turn over each slice with a palette knife and cook the other side for another 2 minutes.Spread on to the cake drum, blending the colours together with a palette knife to create a sea effect.Press it down lightly and smooth over the top with a palette knife.Thixotropic means the viscosity of the gel is reduced when it is worked with a palette knife.Remove the pan from the heat, then slide the palette knife round the edge again.Make little peaks in the sea with the palette knife.
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