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palisadepal‧i‧sade /ˌpæləˈseɪd/ noun [countable]  1 DHPMa strong fence made of pointed posts2 (also palisades American English)DNSG a line of high straight cliffs, especially beside water
Examples from the Corpus
palisadeThis is hedged around by a palisade of long bristles.We used Forest palisade poles, which are pressure-treated with preservative and guaranteed to last for at least fifteen years.The women slapped strips of painted leather against the palisade.The whirling action stopped and something clattered off the palisade.First-hog-of-summer and others ran to the palisade and peered at the forest edge.His temples were palisades against the world of outside iniquity.Originally this had four towers and a wooden palisade to protect the inhabitants.At this time fortifications consisted mainly of earth banks and wooden palisades.
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