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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpalladiumpal‧la‧di‧um /pəˈleɪdiəm/ noun [uncountable]  a soft silver-white metal that is often combined with gold and silver, and used to cover an object with a very thin layer of metal. It is a chemical element: symbol Pd
Examples from the Corpus
palladiumThree different palladium rods were tried of various diameters: the thickest rod gave by far the greatest effect.An outer cylinder of platinum was used as the anode, with a rod of palladium on its axis as the cathode.That was offset in part by higher prices for platinum, palladium and nickel.Fleischmann and Pons believed that they had stumbled on another way - intense pressures provided by the natural make-up of solid palladium.The electrical voltage forced the hydrogen into the palladium.The palladium cathode was charged with dissolved hydrogen.Undoubtedly, the bubbling oxygen would have come into contact with palladium.
Palladium, thethe PalladiumPal‧la‧di‧um, the /pəˈleɪdiəm/ (also the London Palladium)  a theatre in London, known for its musicals (=plays that use singing and dancing to tell a story) and variety shows (=shows with many different short performances, including singing, dancing, and telling jokes)
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