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palliativepal‧li‧a‧tive /ˈpæliətɪv $ -ətɪv, -eɪtɪv/ noun [countable]  1 BETTER formal something done to make a bad situation seem better, but which does not solve the problem short-term economic palliatives2 MH medical a medical treatment that will not cure an illness but will reduce the painpalliative adjective [usually before noun] palliative care
Examples from the Corpus
palliativePromises of reform are mere palliatives.It was the primary purpose of reorganisation to recast local government in a way which would make such palliatives unnecessary.There is a need for a number of immediate short-term palliatives, as well as for a radical and bold long-term solution.I am not referring to adhoc arrangements or short-term palliatives.Official moves to alleviate the worst conditions were little more than palliatives.These very palliatives, however, had also removed the stimulants to technical progress.
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