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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpalpablepal‧pa‧ble /ˈpælpəbəl/ adjective formal  1 OBVIOUSa feeling that is palpable is so strong that other people notice it and can feel it around them opp impalpable There was a palpable sense of relief among the crowd.2 [only before noun] complete What he said is palpable nonsense.palpably adverb This was palpably untrue.
Examples from the Corpus
palpableHis frustration was palpable.For outsiders the cultural energy of the city is palpable.He achieved it, and the relief was palpable.Such palpable absurdities have continued for some 20 years, despite the partial and cautious liberalisation of the past three or four.Tension in the city was as palpable as the dust in the airDecades later, its winning vocal harmonies and spirited musical style still has a palpable impact.To talk of dawn raids in the circumstances is palpable nonsense.Alan Keyes, an opponent of abortion, shows more palpable signs of support in Iowa than in New Hampshire.
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