Language: Old English
Origin: panne


1 noun
Related topics: Utensils, Industry
pan1 [countable]

for cooking

DFU a round metal container that you use for cooking, usually with one long handle and a lid [= saucepan]:
a frying pan
pots and pans
Cook the pasta in a large pan of boiling water.

for baking cakes etc

American EnglishDFU a metal container for baking things in [= tin British English]
a cake pan

open container

American EnglishTI a wide, usually round, open container with low sides, used for holding liquids


British English the bowl of a toilet

go down the pan

British English informal to be wasted or become useless or ruined:
The business is rapidly going down the pan.
warming pan

➔ a flash in the pan

at flash2 (5)

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