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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpanaceapan‧a‧cea /ˌpænəˈsɪə/ noun [countable]  BETTERsomething that people think will make everything better and solve all their problems syn cure-all, → solutionpanacea for There is no panacea for the country’s economic problems.
Examples from the Corpus
panaceaThis suggests that, while disulfiram is not a panacea, it does have a useful role in selected patients.Free trade, however, is not a panacea.Electoral reform is not a panacea. It causes almost as many problems as it solves.It is only a partial remedy, not a panacea.His head ached, the cool air no panacea, and his thoughts, too, were disturbed.That was the rich man's panacea for the litany of ills of the poor.Librarians welcomed computerization as the panacea for all their cataloguing problems.In the nineteenth century, economic expansion through imperialism was seen as the panacea for the mounting social problems.The issues discussed should make demands on members, require understanding, discussion of the panacea, introduce, inform, involve.panacea forDebt reduction should not be seen as a panacea for the region's economic problems.
From Longman Business Dictionarypanaceapan‧a‧cea /ˌpænəˈsɪə/ noun [countable] something that people think will make everything betterFurther rate cuts, while helpful, are noeconomic panacea.panacea forIndustry analysts quickly dismissed the idea that the international market is a panacea for profits.
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