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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpandemoniumpan‧de‧mo‧ni‧um /ˌpændəˈməʊniəm $ -ˈmoʊ-/ noun [uncountable]  LOUD/NOISYa situation in which there is a lot of noise because people are angry, confused or frightened syn chaos There was complete pandemonium in the kitchen. When the verdict was read pandemonium broke out in the courtroom.
Examples from the Corpus
pandemoniumThe room dissolved into a pandemonium of quips and shouts as viewers recognized themselves or their friends on the video.The visitor would understandably back off quickly and there would either be pandemonium or an utter, stunned silence.The bar ran along the back of the crowded room, and it looked like pandemonium in that region.The barrage ignited waves of pandemonium, as parents by the scores rushed to the school, which has 700 pupils.It's pandemonium, because people can't get up.Can you imagine the pandemonium we caused?All around me the pandemonium continued.pandemonium broke outAs deafening pandemonium broke out, a record 850,000 deals were struck involving securities worth £243BILLION.
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