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Pandora's box

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishPandora's boxPan‧do‧ra’s box /pænˌdɔːrəz ˈbɒks $ -ˈbɑːks/ noun   open a Pandora’s box
Examples from the Corpus
Pandora's boxAnd the box, stolen, is a Pandora's box of thieved memories.It is, he stresses, neither a panacea nor a Pandora's box.Now the only thing that is left in Pandora's box is hope..Once you open that little Pandora's box it's hard to stop.The lid of Pandora's box could be wrenched off or tightly sat upon.Its role in history is merely as the broken lock on Pandora's box.I've opened Pandora's box.
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