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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpangpang /pĆ¦Å‹/ noun [countable] šŸ”Š šŸ”Š PAINEMOTIONALa sudden feeling of pain, sadness etcpang of jealousy/guilt/remorse/regret šŸ”Š She felt a sudden pang of guilt. šŸ”Š hunger pangs
Examples from the Corpus
pangā€¢ Melissa felt a pang of remorse.ā€¢ Ordinarily we could marvel and celebrate without any deeper pang of fear.ā€¢ All those cups of tea do add up and the fridge is always there ready to beckon when a hunger pang lingers.ā€¢ hunger pangsā€¢ She felt a sudden terrible pang.ā€¢ The first showed the pangs of passion replaced by musical harmony.ā€¢ But I grabbed something to stay the pangs of hunger on the way down.hunger pangsā€¢ The Harpy is magically kept alive, but suffers agonizing hunger pangs and is in constant pain.ā€¢ She was cold and unwashed and hunger pangs were beginning to gnaw again.ā€¢ If you do feel hunger pangs, nibble on carrot, celery or cucumber sticks or sliced green peppers.ā€¢ All thoughts of her had vanished in the midst of his hunger pangs and coughing fits.ā€¢ Bread like what you only eat in March to keep the Lenten hunger pangs at bay.ā€¢ I felt a little better, and was aware of hunger pangs in my stomach.ā€¢ Is it slowly savoured and really enjoyed, a splendid taste to satisfy the hunger pangs?
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