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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpangpang /pæŋ/ noun [countable]  PAINEMOTIONALa sudden feeling of pain, sadness etcpang of jealousy/guilt/remorse/regret She felt a sudden pang of guilt. hunger pangs
Examples from the Corpus
pangMelissa felt a pang of remorse.Ordinarily we could marvel and celebrate without any deeper pang of fear.All those cups of tea do add up and the fridge is always there ready to beckon when a hunger pang lingers.hunger pangsShe felt a sudden terrible pang.The first showed the pangs of passion replaced by musical harmony.But I grabbed something to stay the pangs of hunger on the way down.hunger pangsThe Harpy is magically kept alive, but suffers agonizing hunger pangs and is in constant pain.She was cold and unwashed and hunger pangs were beginning to gnaw again.If you do feel hunger pangs, nibble on carrot, celery or cucumber sticks or sliced green peppers.All thoughts of her had vanished in the midst of his hunger pangs and coughing fits.Bread like what you only eat in March to keep the Lenten hunger pangs at bay.I felt a little better, and was aware of hunger pangs in my stomach.Is it slowly savoured and really enjoyed, a splendid taste to satisfy the hunger pangs?
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