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panoramapan‧o‧ra‧ma /ˌpænəˈrɑːmə $ -ˈræmə/ noun [countable usually singular]  1 DNSEEan impressive view of a wide area of landpanorama of The tower offers a panorama of the city. a breathtaking panorama of mountainssee thesaurus at sight2 AVDESCRIBEa description or series of pictures that shows all the features of a subject, historical period etcpanorama of a panorama of life in England 400 years agopanoramic /ˌpænəˈræmɪk◂/ adjective a panoramic view of the valley
Examples from the Corpus
panoramaFrom the plane window the scene has the usual bleakness of an airport panorama.The white limestone formed a dramatic panorama against the darkening sky.It was one of the finest mountain panoramas and one of the finest of mountain days.a stunning mountain panoramaOne panorama of Niagara Falls covered five thousand square feet of canvas.The reward is a superlative panorama in all directions.Departmental localism paralyzes our capacity to apprehend a sweeping panorama.The panorama included fully two-thirds of the battlefield.Only we couldn't see that little bit of the tranquil panorama in which Brueghel had shown Icarus drowning.At sunrise, they surveyed the vast panorama of snow-covered hills and mountains.In all of this vast panorama of ideas and expression, I view art as reactive.panorama ofa gorgeous panorama of the Gobi DesertThe paintings are a historical panorama of the First Battle of Bull Run.
PanoramaPanorama  a British television programme about politics and current affairs which is broadcast on the BBC and is known for its investigative journalism (=when a reporter tries to find out the true facts about something that is happening in politics, business etc)
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