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pantaloonspan‧ta‧loons /ˌpæntəˈluːnz/ noun [plural] old-fashioned  DCClong trousers with wide legs, that become tight at the bottom of your legs
Examples from the Corpus
pantaloonsHe was wearing old plaid trousers, over-large and loose as pantaloons, and tied at the ankles with string.Old amahs in black pantaloons lit joss sticks in wayside temples, and prayed for prosperity.The tail of her shirt hung outside a pair of patched and baggy cotton pantaloons.The men came dressed in plumed hats, capes, and Elizabethan pantaloons.Some still wore knee breeches, but tightly-fitting pantaloons buttoned round the ankle over the white silk socks were permitted.But his pantaloons and enormous royal feet have survived, improbably, down the centuries.She gingerly lifted her skirt to reveal perhaps twelve inches of heavily embroidered, ankle-tight white pantaloons.
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