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pantographpan‧to‧graph /ˈpæntəɡrɑːf $ -ɡræf/ noun [countable] technical  1 AVan instrument used to make a smaller or larger exact copy of a drawing, plan etc2 a thing on top of an electric train which takes electric power from an electric power line above it
Examples from the Corpus
pantographThis fascinating picture shows a Motherwell car in Princess Street fitted with a pantograph in 1927 as an experiment.All the cars adopted this livery, and early in 1976 car 5 was fitted with a pantograph.However there have been two periods of pantograph operation on a limited scale: from 1927-33 and again from 1974.While the pantograph is probably the simplest type of digitiser there is it is often completely adequate for home computer use.The cheapest and simplest digitisers are the various pantographs.A commercial postcard showing 173 at Bispham in its original colour scheme complete with pantograph. 2.In 1928 ten new Pullman cars, fitted with pantograph collectors instead of trolley poles, took over the Fleetwood service.
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