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pantomimepan‧to‧mime /ˈpæntəmaɪm/ noun  1 APT[countable, uncountable] a type of play for children that is performed in Britain around Christmas, in which traditional stories are performed with jokes, music, and songs2 APT[countable, uncountable] a method of performing using only actions and not words, or a play performed using this method syn mime3 [countable] British English a situation or behaviour that is silly
Examples from the Corpus
pantomimeShe performed a pantomime of having swallowed an insect.There were singing, games, dancing and pantomimes.How appropriate that her latest stage role should be in pantomime.There then followed a curious little pantomime, apparently also dictated by tradition.Mind you, I feared the worst for this year's crop of pantomimes.He had an infectious sense of humour, and recently scripted an amusing and satirical pantomime.
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