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pantrypan‧try /ˈpæntri/ noun (plural pantries) [countable]  DHHDFFa very small room in a house where food is kept syn larder
Examples from the Corpus
pantryAnd the dining-room and the bedrooms and the kitchens and all the pantries and the pictures and silver and glass and carpets.After the first week they should have grown used to the idea that on some evenings the pantry will be bare.It was the only edible thing in the pantry.That night, the pantry and supply closet were overrun with rats.A maid peeks out of the pantry into the hall.I've seen it on the pantry shelf, Mrs Salt.The dishwasher was filled with plastic containers from Boston Market, but still the pantry was empty.You could walk in and through a tiny pantry to the backyard and to four one-room rentals.
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