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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpantsuitpant‧suit /ˈpæntsuːt, -sjuːt $ -suːt/ noun [countable]  American Englishx-ref a woman’s suit consisting of a jacket and matching trousers
Examples from the Corpus
pantsuitShe dressed modestly in a blue pantsuit covered by a tan all-weather coat.And she looked civilized enough, in her freshly pressed brown pantsuit -- she looked certifiably corporate.A glorious bright turquoise liquid jersey pantsuit is the ultimate garb for travel by space shuttle.There is a drawing of the mail-order pantsuit she purchased for job interviews when her children were grown.A polyester pantsuit hung on her bones, and on her feet some one had stuck a pair of too-large cowboy boots.Mom wore large bifocals with Sophia Loren frames and a pastel polyester pantsuit that stretched over her abdomen.She looks elegant in her taupe pantsuit, her long nails manicured, her hair freshly washed, her makeup perfect.She turns from them to put on the matching jacket to her taupe pantsuit.
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