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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaper-thinˌpaper-ˈthin adjective  THIN OBJECT OR MATERIALvery thin paper-thin wallssee thesaurus at thin
Examples from the Corpus
paper-thinBy the early 1950s the claim that agriculture saved valuable foreign exchange was already paper-thin.Slice the ginger paper-thin and scatter it, along with the onion slices, over the fish.Her sophistication was paper-thin, and underneath she was just a very young, and probably over-protected, girl.The wrinkled skin was stretched tightly over the bones, paper-thin, blue-shadowed over pink crêpe.The walls in this apartment are paper-thin; I can hear everything they're saying next door.With his brother he invented a paper-thin malt flavoured toasted flake of maize - the Corn Flake.This is made of paper-thin material pierced by a number of small lenses.Lunch is a sparse plate of sandwiches with salmon paste or paper-thin processed turkey roll.paper-thin slices of raw beefSuddenly, hideously, the world had become a mask - a paper-thin veil behind which lay another nightmare world.
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