Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: Old French parer 'to prepare'


1 noun
Related topics: Trade, Outdoor, Military, Roads
pa‧rade1 [countable]
1DLO a public celebration when musical bands, brightly decorated vehicles etc move down the street:
a victory parade
the St Patrick's Day parade
2PM a military ceremony in which soldiers stand or march together so that important people can examine them:
a military parade
on parade (=be standing or marching in a parade)
troops on parade
3 a line of people moving along so that other people can watch them:
a fashion parade
4 a series of people, events etc that seems to never end
parade of
She had a constant parade of young men coming to visit her.
5 British EnglishTTRBBT a street with a row of small shops

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