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paradigm shift

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparadigm shiftˈparadigm ˌshift noun [countable]  an important change in which the usual way of thinking or doing something is replaced by another way of thinking or doing something
Examples from the Corpus
paradigm shiftThe thing that brings a paradigm shift to its turning point is a war between the poles of the incumbent paradigm.After all it's not every day you get caught up in a paradigm shift.Can we expect to see a paradigm shift, where people want to drive less?Futurists call this kind of fundamental transformation a paradigm shift, although the term is now a misused buzzword for any change.Either Mrs David has had an enormous impact on her countrymen or a major paradigm shift has occurred.
From Longman Business Dictionaryparadigm shiftˈparadigm ˌshift a complete change in your attitude towards the economy or a particular industry, caused by an event or discovery that has changed your way of thinkingThe use of gigabit networks has enabled a major paradigm shift to image-based communication. shift
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