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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparadoxicallypar‧a‧dox‧i‧cally /ˌpærəˈdɒksɪkli $ -ˈdɑːk-/ ●○○ adverb  OPPOSITE/REVERSEin a way that is surprising because it is the opposite of what you would expect Paradoxically, the prohibition of liquor caused an increase in alcoholism.
Examples from the Corpus
paradoxicallyIt is in the city, paradoxically enough, that true loneliness is experienced most bitterly.Coal has become unpopular and, paradoxically, in view of the Greens' increased influence, nuclear power has experienced a resurgence.The fluttering or hovering of the Spirit, which is also implied, paradoxically indicates infinite gentle care.And paradoxically, now Luke had gone, she felt more alone and more afraid than ever.She was relieved but paradoxically slightly annoyed, too.Perhaps paradoxically, the problem of loneliness is most acute in big cities.So paradoxically, those with the poorest land came in the end to prosper the most.He appears stiff, robotic, insincere even when he is not, and paradoxically unable to mask his ambition.
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