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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparallelismpar‧al‧lel‧is‧m /ˈpærəlelɪzəm/ noun [singular, uncountable] written  HMthe state of being parallel with something There is a parallelism between fatigue and the ability to sleep.
Examples from the Corpus
parallelismThere is one exception to this general parallelism between temperature, fatigue, and the ability to sleep.The massive parallelism is responsible for the speed.Because of their massive parallelism, they can process information and carry out solutions almost simultaneously.Although a high degree of parallelism is employed, algorithmic programming is still required for computations.This dualism tended to reinforce a form of psychophysical parallelism in ethology.Instead of merely simulating parallelism, it is inherent in the hardware design.Without any reference frame to check the parallelism even this seems difficult.Here the parallelism of greater precision may help to solve a long-standing exegetical problem.
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