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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparamountpar‧a‧mount /ˈpærəmaʊnt/ ●○○ adjective formal  IMPORTANTmore important than anything else During a war the interests of the state are paramount, and those of the individual come last. Women’s role as mothers is of paramount importance to society.see thesaurus at importantparamountcy noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
paramountAn airline spokesman stated that the safety of passengers was absolutely paramount.For him the power of love is paramount.Steve Jobs considered the look of his products to be paramount, and his intentions with the Macintosh design were particularly ambitious.The patients' wishes and needs are paramount and they must always come before our own.While some musical ability is necessary, it is not the paramount concern.But without an enemy, can credibility really be a paramount concern?Residential considerations were paramount for about one-third of the sample.Two structural dimensions were of paramount importance.Whose interests within the state are of paramount importance?Public safety and security are matters of paramount importance.Getting a good education was paramount in my family ethos, and I should not stray from it, I decided.of paramount importanceAnybody who knows anything about football knows confidence is of paramount importance.At the hearts of these industrial towns the old marketing and retailing functions remained of paramount importance.Clear air is nearly always of paramount importance.How you answer this question is a matter of paramount importance.In the conventional wisdom, none the less, the balanced budget remained of paramount importance.The rising concentration of industry and the possible adverse effects on monopoly power are viewed as the factors of paramount importance.Two structural dimensions were of paramount importance.The symptoms and signs are therefore of paramount importance in designing the treatment.The abortion issue is of paramount importance to the so-called "religious right."
ParamountParamount trademark  a large US film and television company based in Hollywood, which has made many famous films
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