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paranoidpar‧a‧noid /ˈpærənɔɪd/ adjective  1 WORRIEDbelieving unreasonably that you cannot trust other people, or that they are trying to harm you or have a bad opinion of yoube/become/get paranoid Malcolm got really paranoid, deciding that there was a conspiracy out to get him.paranoid about He has always been paranoid about his personal security.2 MP medical suffering from a mental illness that makes you believe that other people are trying to harm you a patient suffering from paranoid schizophrenia
Examples from the Corpus
paranoidThe mysterious phone calls were beginning to make him feel paranoid.Folks in the Police Department are getting paranoid.Jason's so paranoid about getting sick that he washes his hands all the time.By 1982, he was so paranoid about his health that he wore plastic gloves at all times.You get absolutely paranoid about them.Our aim was not to win every battle, but to confound the enemies and make them paranoid after every encounter.I get a little paranoid around big dogs.I was so paranoid at one point, that I was refusing to answer the door.Today, only one of those Titan missiles remain, a behemoth souvenir from our paranoid past.Indeed, depressive traits are more in evidence than paranoid tendencies.You're getting paranoid, that's your trouble.A second life drama portrays the predominance of paranoid thinking, reflected in mistrust, suspicion, and jealousy.In the president's paranoid world there is always a dummy car.be/become/get paranoidFolks in the Police Department are getting paranoid.Inderrieden, a retired flight attendant, says she tries not to be paranoid.I didn't have time to get paranoid about blood poisoning as my heart suddenly stopped beating.Then she got involved with Carol, and then she got paranoid about this surveillance business.When Laughton caught on to what was going on, he became paranoid and refused to work.It paid to be paranoid below the Net.Suffering from a second bout of mental depression in 1993, Roth becomes paranoid, suicidal, insufferable and inscrutable.You're getting paranoid, that's your trouble.
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