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parchedparched /pɑːtʃt $ pɑːrtʃt/ adjective  1 DNDRYvery dry, especially because of hot weather the parched African landscape He raised the water bottle to his parched lips.2 be parched
Examples from the Corpus
parchedGive me a sip of that, I'm parched.A few stunted thistles thrust up, parched and distorted in the crevices of the stones.They were dirty and parched, but in remarkably good condition after the rescue.Puddles were forming on the parched earth.She stumbled on to the parched grass, taking in her surroundings.Don't apply to a parched lawn, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.Phil raised a glass of water to his parched lips.She put her water bottle to his parched lips.Having a parched nose and throat may lower resistance to colds, croup, sinusitis and respiratory problems.Strong winds and high temperatures fueled dozens of fires in parched Oregon.The earth was so parched that there were huge cracks in it.The parched yellow landscape of Death Valley stretched out for miles in front of us.The grass they always lay on parched yellow.
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