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parentagepar‧ent‧age /ˈpeərəntɪdʒ $ ˈper-/ noun [uncountable]  SSFSANsomeone’s parents and the country and social class they are from an English-born man with Irish parentage He was born in France in 1670 of unknown parentage (=nobody knows who his parents were).
Examples from the Corpus
parentagechildren of French-Canadian parentageOne clue to the possible identity of the Magdalen in Gnostic eyes is to be found in her parentage.There is no record of Osbald's parentage but a Bernician extraction seems highly probable.Mary was a one-book wonder who failed to live up to her stellar parentage and early promise.The parentage of two kings was called into question.Perhaps it is their parentage at the bench.This parentage would make her akin to Persephone, the dangerous Virgin goddess of the underworld.
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