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parenthesispa‧ren‧the‧sis /pəˈrenθɪsɪs/ ●○○ noun (plural parentheses /-siːz/) [countable usually plural]  1 SLAa round bracketin parentheses The figures in parentheses refer to page numbers.2 in parenthesis punctuation mark
Examples from the Corpus
parenthesisHow can you escape all this without some haversack of a parenthesis about the lady's character?We must begin with a parenthesis.Some of that evidence, it might be said in parenthesis, appears to be adverse to the appellants.She saw and registered all this in parenthesis.In parenthesis I should say that I am passing quickly over the significance of these four levels of understanding.The single amino acid change from the rat sequence is indicated in the parenthesis.
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