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parenthoodpar‧ent‧hood /ˈpeərənthʊd $ ˈper-/ noun [uncountable]  SSFFAMILYthe state of being a parentmotherhood Story-reading should be one of the great joys of parenthood.
Examples from the Corpus
parenthoodAlso patron of crusaders, kings, and parenthood.For men, marriage and parenthood go together; when they lose the marriage, they often stop being fatherly.Also patron of adopted children, the death of children, parenthood, and widows.Like other baby boomers who delayed parenthood, she will spend the next two decades defying contemporary ideas of aging.And she could use these groups to provide some forms of education for parenthood.They felt that they were not yet ready for parenthood.Only the female can guarantee her parenthood, and to her descends the task of single-handedly rearing the young.The New Man rejects traditional roles of parenthood and likes to play a part in decision-making.Only by understanding what holds us back will we be able to remake parenthood according to our conscious beliefs.
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