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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpariahpa‧ri‧ah /pəˈraɪə, ˈpæriə/ noun [countable]  REJECT/NOT ACCEPTsomeone who everyone hates and avoids syn outcast
Examples from the Corpus
pariahBecause Dad left the tribe to marry an outsider, however, he was considered a pariah.Apparently I was not the only prospective foster parent who was treated by society staff like a pariah.Ten years ago he was a pariah.The traditional outcast or pariah becomes the hero in this new age.Suddenly I felt like a real pariah.a social pariahWere these beginnings among the outcasts, the pariahs, and the misfits merely accidental?After the accusation, they are worried-sick parents, small-town pariahs, amateur lawyers, sometime sleuths, etc.
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