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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishParisianPa‧ris‧i‧an /pəˈrɪziən $ pəˈrɪʒən, -ˈriː-/ noun [countable]  SANsomeone from the city of Paris in FranceParisian adjective
Examples from the Corpus
ParisianParisians can cook. Parisians can make love.Her parents were not Parisians, they came from the provinces and Jeanne herself combined innocence with imaginative courage.His pictures which hang on walls all over the world show a fascination with the street life of Parisians.Caroline Montalva had always been considered one of the smartest of Parisians and like most of them she was also thrifty.Sophisticated Parisians may well vote for Delano because he is gay rather than despite it.Air-raids, which the Parisians had become accustomed to, now intensified.The Parisians, in that way of theirs, just turned the cheek and bore down on us anyway.
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