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parliamentarianpar‧lia‧men‧tar‧i‧an /ˌpɑːləmənˈteəriən $ ˌpɑːrləmənˈter-/ noun [countable]  BOPGPa member of a parliament, especially one who is very experiencedMP
Examples from the Corpus
parliamentarianIn the 1830s this provoked significant tension between antislavery parliamentarians and activists in the country.Moulton, a firm parliamentarian, became one of its most important commanders.He was a remarkable parliamentarian and, as a Minister, he was with me for many years.Her family were prominent and staunch parliamentarians and, after the Restoration, noted dissenters.In the Civil War Birmingham's swords, pikes and armour equipped the parliamentarians, and the city's fame spread.The award for the parliamentarian of the year went to shadow Chancellor Mr John Smith, who won it in 1986.He watched the parliamentarians arrive, and then walked into the old building.The parliamentarians hit back by accusing Mr Obasanjo of overstepping his powers and showing dictatorial tendencies.
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