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parlourpar‧lour British English, parlor American English /ˈpɑːlə $ ˈpɑːrlər/ noun [countable]  1 ice-cream/funeral/tattoo parlour2 DHH old-fashioned a room in a house which has comfortable chairs and is used for meeting guests milking parlour
Examples from the Corpus
parlourShe led me into a parlour.It was ours though, and Mrs Logue's parlour had been getting a bit rough lately.The floor was of the same beaten earth as in the parlour.When the time came to unite Santosh with his parents, he was called into the parlour.After supper Mrs Hendry ushered everyone into the parlour.I showed her into the parlour.Paul strode towards the parlour, his misery forgotten.The parlour opens into a small courtyard, where there is constant activity.